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Boy Culture Today was the first time in weeks that I watched, and I saw KMc act like she couldn't wait to get off that damn set and FH giving it her usual all but was up against a stone wall; I saw Ilene Kirsten, ME, KM and Ryan P not even trying to make something out of all that flimsy poor material; and my, how things don't change - I saw poor AJ once again being written as a pathetic punching bag; and I had to listen to Scummy Corinthos DARE to say he doesn't approve as Britt as the type of role model for his nephew.

He then gets up to put on his jeans and his package is visible. Speaking of Lady Geary, he must be cumming in his pants right about now. Uk babestation forum. Ryan carnes naked. GayMovieBoi was written on April 16, So how many times is Days going to show us the same flashbacks about Nick over and over?

Name one thing on RC's GH that has flowed from anything? He looks so good you will want to serve sushi off of his abs. Caleb Peterson. Ever wonder what your favorite stars are watching? Franco, Kiki, Sabrina. I do enjoy the lack of tattoos. It's a complete waste of Donna.

You would never see that on an American soap.

Ryan carnes naked

Then again he's not on the show for his acting abilities anyway. As beautiful as he is, a normal sized penis is no problem. Oh there's another one Alternate Versions. Nude flo progressive. We talked soap star discovered there much meets eye by. Will we ever get a real one? About Logo Press.

That required her to steady herself with furniture. Eating Out Sexygay You are eating crow over the arrival of Thaao to the show. Twat with the one and only Finola Hughes at 2pm Eastern time today! So it must be true that GH pays bargain basement salaries, compared to the other shows.

Too many killers on this show. Funny that someone named Felix DuBois would say a plain name like Lucas Jones sounds like a porn name. A gay student who is "out" at college but not to his family receives an unexpected visit from his boyfriend while at home during the holidays. I really think he'll learn, especially if he gets more scenes with the better caliber actors and not the ones with bad habits.

I'll fold his clothing as he removes it and, if need be, aid him in reaching his full potential for the photographic evidence. Latest on Queerty.

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He also has a gigantic nerdy sword collection. Natural tit pics. I think voiceovers would be best, don't you?

He quickly encounters the Singh Brotherhoodnow led by the murderous and arrogant Rhatib Singh. That required her to steady herself with furniture.

Sign up now Contact Customer Service. Ryan carnes naked. Would love to slide in between them. I know she's a popular GH vet but as a fairly new newbie, I cannot imagine that she was ever cute or soap opera ingenue all the boys clamored after.

I agree with you about KMc. What a waste of an already tight budget.

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It also sounds like he doesn't really like being objectified and just seen as the hot guy with the abs. Release Dates.

Who else is in that bridge group? He looks so good you will want to serve sushi off of his abs. Fat as a pig with hair that looks like it needs at least 6 inches cut off to get rid of the damaged ends.

Robert woke up and remembered seeing Robin alive. Doris roberts nude. One unbelievable scene is where a straight guy lets a gay guy give him oral sex. Ughshe just needs a big "kick me" sign on her rear end. That pic of the two Ryans is hella gorgeous but it's still a pic. There would certainly be plenty of drama and long term ramifications if he were to do so. The love of his life which forever endures in his heart of gold except when he's fucking her cousin. Mark Cirillo Next Door Xtube kwanten. The dentures sneak into his speech every now and then, but he's still damn fine.

They start to make out, but will someone else see them yet again? I read on another thread that if Guza had still been writing the show last year his nod to GH50 would have been bringing back Jackie for two days only to have Bobbie be murdered by one of her former johns. Fun little movie with some great frontals of actors Ryan Carnes and Scott Lunsford. How many near kisses have they had so far? His scenes with Lulu were really, really terrible. Jasmin sexy chat. Oh I love you R44!

Robert saved Robin from Obrecht's lethal injection but was injected instead and fell into a coma. And now she's Connie's killer. Like many here I really love Maura West. I can't believe he's on drugs. People of the Valley: It's all plot and characters looking like complete morons just to drag a story out. All That Matters: I hate the way she says Carlos too. Faison carried on Jerry's plans and ordered Joe Jr.

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